Margie's reasons for selecting Adjustable lap band

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Here are some of the reasons I chose the lap band (adjustable gastric band) over the RNY:

1) permanent cutting and sewing back together of the intestines

2) high rate of death during surgery

3) worried about how a future pregnancy would be with RNY

4) wanting to try something less radical

5) not wanting to dump

6) not wanting to have a limited "window of opportunity" in which to lose weight

7) not wanting that typical weight regain that occurs about 2 years out

8) wanting to lose more slowly so I can psychologically adjust to my new body

9) reversibility of the band

10) no worries about malabsorption of vitamins and malnourishment with the band like with the RNY

11) the adjustability of the band

12) easier, quicker surgery with quicker, easier recovery time

13) wanting my weight loss to be at a natural rate so I could keep the surgery to myself

14) sick feeling I had in my stomach constantly when I was thinking about the RNY that was replaced with a feeling of peace when I decided on the band

15) my mother had the RNY 6 years ago and still vomits everyday