Anne's story 

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Anne wrote:

I hope and pray this NEVER NEVER happens to anyone else. PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW, I thought the lap band was completely safe! 

When I was in a coma they took out the lap band, reversed an 8000.00 tummy tuck and now my abdomen is extended as if I am 9 months pregnant.  I am facing more surgeries in the near future

Thanks for your concern and getting this out to other people.  It destroyed my life, I hope it never happens to anyone else.

Please! My story also needs to get told! I am 44 years old and a single mother with a 14 year old daughter. 

I had a lap band placed in 2004.  The band didn't give me severe problems.  I just never lost any weight with it.  When they would give me a fill enough to cause some restriction, I would gag.  I was about 50 lbs overweight when I got the band but I was chasing the American dream of being 120 lbs.

In 2007, 3 years after my lap band was placed, I decided to have a "tummy tuck" (abdominoplasty) at the same time I got my hysterectomy.  I had a lot of fibroid tumors so they had to do my hysterectomy as open surgery (instead of keyhole).  

The surgeon I had selected for this was one of the top surgeons in the area (my uncle is in the medical field so I knew who was good etc).  After they did the hysterectomy, then a highly recommended plastic surgeon did my tummy tuck.

Following this surgery, I had nothing but trouble. The incision refused to heal and finally they had to insert a pigskin to hold in my bowels. I also needed a skin graft to fix the gaping hole I had in my abdomen.

The pain never stopped but got worse and worse.

Five months later, I had horrible abdominal pain and was hospitalized for 3 days . They told me I was being a cry baby and it was normal to have abdominal pain due to bowel obstructions after these procedures. I lived with terrible abdominal pain and went on complete liquid or nothing for up to 1 week and the pain would ease.

 By Feb 2009 the pain had not subsided and so I was rushed to hospital. I woke up 3 days later with my whole abdomen open! Someone didn't do something right and the lap band wrapped up into my intestines. I found out later when they did the "tummy tuck", they disarranged the lap band and I got a twisted bowel with a bowel obstruction.  I was in a coma 3 days and it took two more surgeries to fix it. 1 hour more and I would have died,

Being told by doctors that I am going to be written up in medical journals because I was the only one in 25 yrs of lap band surgery whose intestines moved??? I am still not put back together and have a hole in my front from between my breasts to my bikini line, twelve inches wide!!! I live with constant pain. My intestines are still being held in with the pig skin and I have to wear a tight girdle around my middle. I had a nurse for almost 3 months.

This all has destroyed my life, I can't work because the pain is so severe and I feel bad about my looks - to me I look like a freak!!! Not to mention, all the medical bills.

People need to be aware this can and will happen again! I am a single mom whose life has been destroyed and now have to go for my 4th surgery. I am hoping to go to the Mayo Clinic because I AM HORRIFIED of the docs in my area.

Anne T. of Illinois