Carnie Wilson in the last few years

updated 06/13/2010

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Carnie Wilson is of course, the singer/show host and daughter of the famous Beach Boy, Brian Wilson.  Although she initially lost a lot of weight with her gastric bypass (which was an in, her weight has been up and down and a constant battle. The video was Carnie Wilson in 2007, RNY gastric bypass, 1999. In this video, she states she weighs about 55 lbs more than her lowest weight which would make her around 210 lbs and is wearing a very tight bodysuit. Actually she likely weighed more like 230 or so in the photo because she's a bit slimmer now and weighs 216 according to her new show, "CARNIE UNSTAPLED" which is appearing on the Games ditigal channel (GSN), the channel which also hosts the show she's the host of - "the Newly Wed Game".  On "Unstapled" a reality show, she pulls no punches.  On the first show, she told a friend that she had to be baking (is trying to start a baking business if you can believe a reality show) because if not baking, she would be drinking.  She told another friend that she and her hubby, Rob, live separate lives. She hoped to lose 50 lbs by the end of the show run. (Jan 2010) but due to stress and disagreements with her trainer that didn't happen: