Message from Celestine's husband 

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  Celeste apparently had a revision from gastric bypass to DS/BPD and died from the DS/BPD some time later.


Hello everyone, I'm John. I was Celestine's husband. That's right... was. I'm sorry to inform you all that she passed away unexpectedly on March 15.

I didn't know she belonged to this forum until today, when there was an email on her laptop notifying her that someone had posted on a thread she also had posted on.

I have deleted most of the websites and bulletin boards from her pc, but I thought maybe I would post on this one and let you folks know a little about what happened. And I say a little because that's all I and our families know at this point.

According to the death certificate, she died from cardiac arrest brought on by sepsis. Her doctor told us that she had a perforated colon, which was leaking intestinal fluids into her body. One by one her organs shut down until her heart stopped.

The perforation occurred close to where it was re-attached it to her lower intestine during the DS. She had been in a lot of abdominal pain and in and out of the ER the last few weeks of her life, and the doctors believed all along it was I.B.S. Too late they found out it was something far more serious.

We talked many times about the difficulties she experienced after the revision. She never was the same again. Digestive problems and pain plagued her for the year and a half after the surgery. Oh yeah, I don't know, but assume she told you all about the two hernia surgeries she had after the DS.

I never knew much about weight loss surgery before I met her 5 1/2 years ago. She had already had one bypass surgery before we met. I still don't know much about it, but I do know that I'm a widower, and now have to carry on without my wife and best friend. I'm not going to sit here and say that a DS is the Devil, I don't know enough to make that claim. But I will say... think long and hard before you take that road. There's no going back.



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