Debra always in my heart

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 I reprint this letter in toto - it was sent to my on line community by the mother of a deceased gastric bypass patient.  The pain one can read throughout this letter should give anyone with a family pause about elective surgery which is very risky... Her daughter died 3 years ago and she still cries daily:


 My daughter too, hides after having WLS, she hides in her coffin.  With no voice to speak, but for people like you and I am so grateful for that.  I too, am against WLS and I don't care who thinks what about it, I lost the most important thing in my life August 24, 2004.  It was all about WLS, my 27 year old daughter died from a third world disease, Dry Beriberi and it never should have happened.  Not once did her Doctor tell her that would or could happen, she never got to enjoy ANY of WLS.  She never got to eat again after her surgery, could not even keep water down.  She had dry heaves for three months and two days. Yep she lost over a hundred pounds, but it just allowed her to fit in a normal size coffin.  She spent most of her last month in and out of hospitals, becoming paralyzed.  She got to the point where her hearing started to go, her vision was going, we couldn't even talk. All she wanted was to be a better Mother, not a dead Mother.

I can no longer fight this fight, it is to hard for me.  I can't get over her death and it has come to a point where if I don't stop hearing the stories or telling hers I will be so depressed I will join her.  I cry everyday for my lost child Debra.  My depression is so bad the Doctor is thinking of putting me in the hospital for a while.  I need to be here for my Grandson.  Micah needs me, so I have to stop this fight so I can be here for him, I hope she can forgive me. I pray and hope those of you who feel as I do will keep up the fight for her, she wanted people warned.  There is no way you can get around the fact that WLS killed my daughter and ruined our lives.  It says so right on her autopsy report. I wish so badly she had just joined Weight Watchers or something with me.  Anything, so she would be with me today.  I will never be the same again, neither will Micah my Grandson. So please if you have a voice she could use please use it for her and for me and for Micah.
WLS is not safe, if you turned out okay, it was just the luck of the draw. I do not believe God meant for our insides to be messed with and then live happily ever after, if you do, then go with God and be thankful.  For my daughter it was not the right thing.  I miss her to the bottom of my soul.  I always will.
Sue this will be the last letter I will write. I cannot do this anymore.  It is killing me. Could you please see that a copy of this gets put on OSSG WLS gone wrong. I cannot do it as I sit her tears are falling down my face and I can barely see and I am sobbing with grief. My life has been irreparably damaged, and I can't take it anymore.  Please, no one e-mail me, I have had to ignore your e-mails for my safety.  I do care what happens to all of you, it will break my heart that I won't know how you are.  But I have to live for my daughter and my Grandson. Please Sue and Chrissie take me off your lists, it has been too long and I can no longer take the pain.  God Bless you all and thank you for being my family when I needed one.  I still consider OSSG to always be my family, take care all.
Pat, Debra's Mom
(Forever in my heart)