Most people who go into WLS tell me that they "know the risks" of the surgeries.

When a person who tells me:

1. I know I may have a 1 percent chance of dying on the table and a 2 percent chance dying the first month after surgery.

2. I know that in order to lose a lot of weight, I will be making a healthy digestive tract, unhealthy

3. I know that I may not lose more than 100 lbs because of my genetics

4. I know that even the most drastic intestinal bypass stops working sometime within 7 years of surgery and I will have to diet and exercise only it may be more difficult because my metabolism will be damaged.

5. I know I may suffer complications requiring more surgery, some of them extremely painful like bowel obstruction etc.

6. I know that losing 100 lbs rapidly, puts me at risk for sudden heart attack.

7. I know that I may get VERY Sick with this surgery no matter WHAT I DO.

8. I know that any surgery I have is a tool and that I will have to diet and exercise to keep the weight off

When I hear a person who tells me the above, THEN I know they REALLY DO know the risks.

But some folks seem to go into Weight Loss surgery with the following expectations (this is a diet ad I received in email a while ago):


Introducing An Amazing Weight Loss Breakthrough That Let's You Literally "Burn Fat While You Sleep"!
.....As Seen On Dateline NBC!

This Powerful Fat Burning System Is So Effective And So Easy To Use, You've Got To Try It to Believe It!

*** Burns Fat 24 hrs A Day
*** No Dieting Ever
*** Lose Weight Automatically
*** Shed Excess Pounds Fast
*** No Exercise Needed
*** Never Feel Deprived
*** 200% More Energy
*** 100% Guaranteed!
*** 100% Saf

If you say that IF you supplement properly you will have no problems, then you are effectually saying THERE IS NO RISK.

That's what I am concerned about. No surgeon has ever said this ("there is no risk").

Which list of 'features' more resembles YOUR Expectations of Weight Loss Surgery?

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