John Ott

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A dear friend of so many passed away on Thursday, Sept 22, 2005. John fought for so long to have gastric bypass, but in the end, he didn't make it through surgery. On Wednesday, he had a pulmonary embolism and on Thursday, he went into cardiac arrest.

Link to photo album by a friend - Profile for John Ott

Here's a poem he wrote before surgery:

The following is a poem
that John wrote and posted to his profile  just prior to his surgery.


Is it my time to  go?
Will I lose the fight?
I will pass on the baton,
If you will it. 

While I want to stay,
I know that isnít your way.
You know whatís  best for me,
This I know.

So my arms are outstretched my Lord,
Do  with me as you will,
Take me home to you,
Or let me stay on Earth. 

So thatís your word Lord,
Youíre taking me home.
Iím ready to  go,
As you know.

For those still here,
Fighting the  battles.
Keep the faith,
and stay, the path.

©9/21/05 by John Ott,  Jr.