Intestinal Bypass, Gastroplasty and RNY Gastric bypass - Joy's Story

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Editor's note: The following Letter written by Joy G is reprinted by permission of the author. 

I have undergone three weight loss surgery procedures. In 1978, I underwent the intestinal bypass procedure. The side effects nearly killed me -- I developed kidney stones, Crohn's diseases and an anal fissure from the stomach acids going through my remaining guts.

Oh, and wicked nasty flatus as well. I lost 110 lbs. and looked like everybody else -- my life worked well when I was slender.
I had the intestinal bypass taken down in 1981, but because I was soooooooooooooooo fat phobic, I would not submit to the re-anastomosis until I found a surgeon who would staple my stomach at the same time  (Note: this was probably a horizontal gastroplasty). I was hospitalized for 11 days for that surgery, and quickly "blew out" my stomach staples because I had a relationship with food that I could not overcome. Eighty pounds gradually crept back in spite of my bulimia and anorexia.
I underwent a Roux-en-Y stomach bypass in 1991 and lost 40 lbs. during the first six months after the surgery. Then, over the next five years, I slowly gained 150 lbs. Three years ago, I developed Type II diabetes. The Actos made me gain another 30 lbs. I have been taking Avandia for five months, and I expect the swelling to kick in any day now. When that happens, I must give up the Avandia and begin insulin injections.
I now weigh 330 lbs. I am the poster child for failed weight loss surgery. I must take megadoses of calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D to keep my bones from crumbling, and I still struggle with anemia.
Please feel free to pass on my telephone number to newspapers and magazines if they want to interview me.
Warm regards, Joy G.
Inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out. But I can usually shut the bitch up with cookies.