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Marcella (Marci) Mary Domec

Marci was 42 years old, and a cancer survivor. This photo was taken at a Mary Kay Cosmetics party in January 2005, 9 months before her death.  The following memorial is written by her best friend, Dana of TX:


My best friend died September 26, 2005 after having DS surgery in Germany. She had surgery on Thursday and between Thursday and the following Monday there were numerous red flags that she had a leak, yet the surgeon did not take her back to surgery until Monday morning. She died of septic shock Monday evening.

She and I were both previous Lap Band patients, but both had to have the band removed because of complications. After that hellish experience (vomiting every day for almost 2 years) neither of us wanted to have any kind of weight loss surgery. But after researching DS exhaustively, we both decided that was our only hope to be able to lose the amount of weight we would have to lose to regain some of our health and mobility. We went to several DS support group meetings here in Houston and met others who had had the surgery and completely regained their health and we were amazed and inspired by their success. Her insurance wouldn't cover any kind of weight loss surgery, so she put her car up for collateral and borrowed the $11,000 to go out of the country. She elected to go to Germany because the surgeon there told her he kept his patients in the hospital for a minimum of 6 days, and her mother is from Germany originally and speaks German, so she knew if there were any language barriers, she would have her mom to translate.

I felt that I did as much research as I possibly could, and I NEVER expected her to die from septic shock. The hospital she went to did not even have the proper equipment (so they said; I never even thought about asking to see if they did; it did not occur to Marci or me) to treat organ failure, and after the surgery to repair the leak on Monday when her organs were failing, the surgeon told her mother they would have to transfer her to another hospital because they couldn't treat organ failure.

I guess I just want to say that even though I did what I thought was as much research as I could, and so did my friend, she still died. Her death devastated me, and I have decided against having any kind of weight loss surgery; I cannot even consider it now.

I don't know how I am going to lose the weight I need to lose; it seems hopeless for me to be able to do it. I have not been able to "diet" for a long, long time. I was never someone who went on diet after diet anyway. I truly believe that I am addicted to overeating and I don't know what to do to overcome it. I feel like I will die fat.

I just wanted to tell Marci's story. She was only 42, and she was an ovarian cancer survivor for 8 years. I always thought a cancer recurrence is probably what she would die from. It seemed like such cruel irony that she died doing something to try and regain her health. She had so many things she wanted to do that she was unable to because of her weight.

I miss her terribly and feel so broken hearted over her death.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak freely on this site. I know there are many people who have had WLS and are very healthy and happy now. I don't knock anyone for having surgery; it just didn't work out for Marci or me.

Dana B of TX