Mike's Friend

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Posted July 1st, 2007

My dear friend Mike passed away just a week ago. He has had nothing but trouble since his surgery in December 2005, beginning with the Dr. H. leaving gauze in his abdominal cavity at the time of his initial procedure. They had to go back in twice post-op (under anesthesia 2 more times the day of surgery) to finally figure out they left surgical supplies inside my dear friend's body. Mike was a trooper, still believe in the doctor and did what he was told. I should mention that his insurance didn't pay for the surgery, so his 82 year old mother took a mortgage out on her home to pay for the surgery for him. He ended up (no big surprise) about a month later with a very severe infection that resulted in another non-covered hospitalization. He had necrotic tissue and a non-healing wound. He actually died on the table for a few minutes before they were able revive him. Again..small town, good humored, trusting, loving Mike - believes the doctor, that everything will work out. At this point, I want to add that those of us that are his friends all suggested he pursue a med-malpractice suit to at minimum get reimbursed for the surgery and resultant problems. Dear Mike didn't listen to our advice. He struggled on and off, tried to contact Dr. H, to no avail. Oh, he lost weight all right...enough that when we was admitted prior to his death the physician said it was the worst case of malnutrition he had ever witnessed. I post this memory of my dear friend. Please don't believe the promises of caring and follow-up...all Dr. H is worried about is making money. He doesn't care, listen or respond once he has the cash. Mike gave so much to the world...he was a Vietman Vet, a caring dad, a good son and most of all, a dear dear friend.

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