How to out-eat your surgery and end up in the 10 %

by Terry Simpson, MD 
co 2003 - reprinted by permission. Please contact author for reprint permission (it is permissible to link to this site)

There are a lot of figures out there [referring to weight loss success after surgery] -- but the studies to date don't support them. Just like some surgeons have fewer complications, some have more -- some have more deaths, some less, some have a run of good luck - some do not.

You can beat this or any weight loss surgery. If you want to regain weight then I would suggest you do the following:

(a) Eat a diet rich in high carbohydrates with a high glycemic index-- such as donuts, cookies, cakes, ice cream

(b) Do not start an exercise program, instead spend more time watching television and increase time in front of the computer

(c) Eat your food rapidly so that you don't get that full feeling. Remember, feeling full -- or satiety -- takes a while to register, so if you eat rapidly you can stuff a lot more in then if you eat a bit slower and feel full with less

(d) When you feel full, eat just a bit more-- this will help stretch that pouch out to a normal sized stomach

(e) Graze throughout the day -- eat a little bit all the time and you will find that no matter what operation, even a duodenal switch -- you can gain weight.

(f) Gulp down liquids, don't sip-- but gulp them down -- it will force the food out of a pouch (for RNY, lap band, VBG) and you can eat more.

--- I am certain there are other ways to beat the system, but these are some of the more popular ones.

Terry Simpson, MD (bariatric surgeon)


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