Although gastroplasties of all kinds are well known to be somewhat ineffective for long term weight loss retained, they have generally been thought of as among the most benign of weight loss surgery procedures.  However, in meeting several long term VBG patients and one 30 year post op horizontal gastroplasty patient, and finding out that all three have identical symptoms, I cannot help wondering if these "benign" surgeries are not so benign on the long term.  The following are a group of symptoms described by the 30 year post op horizontal gastroplasty patient.  It should be noted that ALL WLS procedures except for the lap band include a gastrectomy and thus, possibly might be a factor in these symptoms on the long term (including the RNY and sleeve gastrectomy). It should be noted that two other VBG patients 19 and 24 years post op, confirmed that they, too, had all of the following symptoms (all three patients are in their 40's):

Occasional cloudy/out of focus vision
Dry Eyes & sensitivity to light and sunlight ... all the time

Heart palpitations ... occasionally
Burning feet ... regularly but not every day
Muscle weakness/pain in limbs ... most of the time, occasional reprieves
Slight mental fuzziness at times ... most of the time
Episodes of dizziness/feeling off balance ... usually 1-2 times per week
Bloating and distention of abdomen
Post traumatic stress syndrome
Occasional slurring of words/right word won`t come out ... regularly
Occasional poor concentration/vagueness ... regularly
Wildly fluctuating blood sugar levels ... most days
Weight regain ...
Restless legs ...
Severe legs cramps ... can last a week
Occasional un-co-ordination ... regularly, always bumping into things and people, knocking things over
Sensitivity to loud noises/bright light/over-stimulation of senses ... regularly
Weakness in arms and legs ... weekly probably on average of 5 days out of seven
 Teeth breaking and rotting ... lost top teeth in 1994 got dentures ... only have 10 lower teeth left ... front teeth rotting and broken
Food/chemical intolerances ... white bread is a problem for me
Suddenly boiling hot then freezing cold, inappropriate to temperature outside-unable to maintain a regular 'normal' body temperature on continual basis
Pins and needles in hands and feet ... occasionally
Poor quality condition of hair/nails ... most of the time
Food still gets stuck in my throat and most meals are small ... I tend to pick during the coarse of the day.
No stamina ... most of the time

Dry Mouth

Diarrhea ... most days .. especially within 30 minutes of eating
Stiff muscles ... most weeks

Occasional Sharp pains in stomach

Frequency of urination ... every day
Bad Flatulence ... most days


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