The value of testimonials

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  • Do you believe the testimonials from diet groups like Jenny Craig?
  • Most testimonials you see are from very recent post ops
  • Testimonials are about the worst source of information
  • Most people buy a car more carefully than they choose irreversible surgery for their bodies!

Testimonials seem at the heart of any product we are wishing to sell.  And for some reason, they are quite influential on the decision making of some folks.

For example, I've met many a person who says "I saw Carnie Wilson on TV talking about her Weight Loss surgery and I thought 'I can do that'!"

No one seems to stop and think that EVERY weight loss program has its group of testimonials so why is it they not only believe the testimonials about Weight Loss surgery but they often SEEK the testimonials of post op patients.

For example the person who joins an online community and writes "Please give me your experiences with the gastric bypass".

Why do they think that because one person did well with a gastric bypass that has ANYTHING at all, to do with how THEY will do.

If you do not believe a testimonial of a used car salesperson about how great the car is, consider discarding testimonials about other things INCLUDING Weight Loss Surgery.

If you DO believe a testimonial of a used car salesperson about how great that used car is, then, call me because I have a bridge I can sell you!

Corollary: most people take more care buying a car than they do, deciding on surgery which rearranges their digestive tract forever and comes with NO guarantees for either weight loss OR long term health.