Vicky Geis 

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Vicky in her early 50's had gotten a RNY gastric bypass when she was over 400 lbs - she lost about 150 lbs or so leaving her in the 250's but she lived life with zest, enjoyed vacations, getting together with grandkids and much more.  She was a photographer and also a singer and a grandmother who loved having her grandkids over. She was very close to her daughter, Didi.  Vicky died of a sudden heart attack about 6 years after WLS - her last year of life, she'd had a lot of health problems.  Her home which she much enjoyed is the backdrop for this page.  The car pictured was her pride and joy that she got 2 years before she died.  Below is one of her many photos - of her daughter and grandkids - they were

her favorite subjects to photograph.

Vicky sent many lovely photos to a photos group she and I were members of.

The photo to the right was taken by her daughter who is a professional photographer.