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  • General information
  • Counting Calories - yes you need to do this if you want to keep off the weight even WITH surgery!
    • this site has the actual FDA food info boxes so can count calories or points AND their database has thousands of foods!
  • Surgeons
    • Dr Terry Simpson: Highly skilled surgeon located in Phoenix, Arizona
    • Dr Brian Quebbeman (Lap band and gastric bypass) - located in Newport Beath, CA, this surgeon was involved in the FDA lapband trials and has placed bands in several movie and TV personalities!
    • Dr Wesley Clark - (Proximal bypass - 2-4 feet intestine bypassed) One of Carnie Wilson's surgeons. Dr Clark has included many helpful hints about living well with a gastric bypass on this site.  San Diego, CA 
    • Dr Rabkin Duodenal Switch - Bileopancreatic diversion - BPD/DS (all but 3.5 feet of the small bowel bypassed and 80 percent or more of the stomach removed and discarded)
      • "The BPD and the duodenal switch involve permanent removal of part of the stomach and bypassing of a large amount of intestine. It is more radical than the original intestinal bypass operation that was abandoned many years ago. BPD is associated with horrific side effects including kwashiorkor. It takes several years for the body to be fully depleted of stored nutrients so most likely recent post ops have not been affected yet." (Dr Paul Ernsberger, Case Western School of Medicine - Associate professor)
    • Dr Rutledge "Mini gastric bypass" (laparoscopic loop gastric bypass - 4-6 feet of intestine bypassed). Skilled surgeon with low complication rate.
  • Surgeons helping with reversals and revisions (also excellent bariatric surgeons)